Polenta Slices with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and Shaved Parmesan

Law and Lentils

Soooo I have a problem.  It’s June.  It’s only 80-something degrees.  And I’m already too hot.  It’s not even July yet!  This bodes poorly, guys.  Very, very poorly.  A 20-minute walk outside shouldn’t necessitate standing naked in front of the A/C yet– the worst is yet to come!  If I disappear, it’s probably because I have melted into a puddle.  Suddenly upstate NY and its reasonable summers is sounding mighty appealing…

BUT the one upside of this weather is that all sorts of things are cropping up in the gardens of the farmers who sell their goodies at the local market.  I just want to eat raw everything this time of year.  The produce is so perfect, it doesn’t need any monkeying!  With that in mind, I set about making a quick dinner for BF and I before we headed out to the Sounders-United soccer game last night.  And since…

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